Sunday, December 5, 2010

Horrible service from comcast

I set up service in Hudson, NH with Comcast in August 2010. I originally set up service for cable and internet, I shortly after decided to add home phone service and when I called to add the service they told me it would be cheaper for me to have all services on seperate promotions instead of doing a triple play bundle so I accepted the offer of cable for $49.95 mnth, internet for $19.95 mnth and home phone $19.95 mnth. I have been fighting with them since my 8/24/10 bill to correct the billing because it has been wrong since I added the 3rd package. I also have been getting charged for 2 modem fees when I only have 1 modem. I called after I received my 10/24/10 because my billing was still incorrect and I was told that everything had been corrected and that I would see my credits on my 11/24/10 bill. When I received the 11/24/10 I noticed that my credits had not been applied (I short paid my 10/24/10 for the credit amounts), I called comcast again and spoke with someone in customer service who reviewed my account and said she noticed that the changes had not been made and apologized and sent in the request for a total credit of $174.81 via ticket # AR1259417. I called a few days later because I had not heard from Comcast about the credit and they told me that the back office had denied the credit because they only allow 2 promotions at a time. I was told even though they can see the notes showing I am supposed to have the 3 promotions, they will not honor it or give me the credits. I feel that they did a bait and switch since they sold me products that they are not allowed to sell seperately and would have had knowledge that they could not service the way it was sold to me. If I was to keep the service sold to me it would cost me about $30 more per month. How can they get away with a bait and switch? I thought that was illegal...

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